Clube de Criação

A completely new visual identity reinterpreting an iconic star-symbol, incorporating a derivative and versatile system that embodies and merges new goals and mindset – crafted in order to communicate a new moment, to show how the most relevant brazilian Creative Club is embracing change.


Design & Art Direction
Guilherme Garofalo, Pedro Gabbay

Motion Design
Christian Balzano

Head of Art/Creative Directors
Bruno Oppido, Mariana Borga

Executive Creative Directors
Eduardo Lima, Renato Simões

Head of Broadcast
Regiani Pettinelli

Production Company

Account Managementt
Camila Hamaoui, Marinna Santos

Joanna Monteiro

Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo

A new star or a supernova?

The Creative Club (“Clube de Criação” in Portuguese) is the most important organization of its kind in Brazil, and is easily recognized by its symbol: a star. This year, the club decided to diversify and expand its activities and in order to communicate this new era in its history and show how the Creative Club is embracing change, Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo created a completely new visual identity for the club, reinterpreting the star to make it more modern and versatile.

According to Joanna Monteiro, advertising professional and President of the Creative Club, “the new identity evidences our greater goal: to be more than a Festival, but an inclusive Club with many activities throughout the year, for everyone who enjoys, works with and celebrates creativity.”

For that reason, the five-pointed star that has always been a symbol for the Creative Club has gained a new, lighter version that moves, adapts, and can have as many points as it wants. Bruno Oppido, Creative Director and Head of Art at Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, says that “Updating an icon is always a huge challenge, but when we find solutions that are simple and strong, we reap the benefits immediately.”

Eduardo Lima, the agency’s Executive Creative Director, complements: “This new icon represents the cross-over of all the new attitudes, of all this plurality that the Creative Club is now embracing. Welcome to the next phase of the Creative Club.”