Action Audio
Concept, Visual Design

A new way for audiences with visual impairments to follow sport in real-time.


Action Audio is a world-first system for augmenting live sports with sound, designed to give people who are visually impaired the ability to follow games in real-time.

Developed in partnership with Tennis Australia and Monash University, Action Audio uses data from a ball monitoring computer vision system to emphasise key moments of play with a 3D sound design system that has been developed with the blind and low vision community.

For many visually impaired sports fans, Action Audio will provide the first opportunity to follow the speed and actions of a live game.

After receiving global acclaim from the blind sports community since its pilot at the 2021 Australian Open finals, the service was launched in 2022 to cover all 58 centre court matches with an additional Google voice assistant feature to further improve accessibility.


AKQA Melbourne

Tennis Australia


Associate Director
Candice Ong

Data Scientist
Jaehyun Shin

Innovation Directors
Adam Grant
Gerard Mason
Tim Devine
Veronica Tran

Lead Designer
Melanie Huang

Production Company
AKQA Melbourne


Yellow Pencil / Experiential / Use of Technology / 2022
Award: Yellow Pencil
Yellow Pencil / Entertainment / Audio
Wood Pencil / Digital Design / Inclusive

Shortlist / Digital Design / Use of Data