Visual Identity, Art Direction

Brand identity, assets and expressions for the world's leading creative network Impact division.


Design & Art Direction
Guilherme Garofalo

3D Artist
Bruno Faiotto

Web/Visual designer
Pedro Abreu

Paula Santanna
Diego Machado
Christiano Velutti
Denisson Santos


AKQA Group is a nice communications service agency-network. Among its many business units, there's AKQA•Impact, a division dedicated to develop and nurture social impact and diversity initiatives.

In 2021, we were comissioned to explore and create their brand identity and expressions, from symbols to scenes, portraying their core areas: Projects, People, and Technologies. The symbol represents an intersection of two ripples, a graphic visualization of the omni-impact that AKQA programs have.

We envisioned individual scenes for each of the programme pillars: Projects, a scene as a big library, where each book represents a project and its histories; People a formal setting that seeks a space of conversations and exchange of experiences in a flow of leveled conversations; and at last, Tech, a space conceptualized to portray technological tools in an uncommon-or-known form, as something future-liked and ethereal, yet, tangible.